A catalogue of Japanese Trichoptera
Family Dipseudopsidae Ulmer

Author: Takao NOZAKI* and Shu Inaba
*: Correspondence. E-mail: takao.nozaki[AT]nifty.com
Last updated: 4 July 2020

Subfamily Dipseudopsinae Ulmer

Only the genus Dipseudopsis Walker is known from Japan.

Genus Dipseudopsis Walker

One species, Dipseudopsis collaris McLachlan, is known from Japan.

Dipseudopsis collaris McLachlan, 1863

Dipseudopsis collaris McLachlan 1863, 496, pl. 19, China (Hong Kong, north China). A male collected from Hong Kong was designated as the lectotype by Kimmins (1957).
Fischer 1962, 7.
Weaver and Malicky 1994, 109-110, 113, male.
Morita 1999, 89-90, male, Honshu (Mie).
Tanida 2005, 470-471, larva.
Morita 2009, 121, adult, Honshu (Mie).
Nozaki 2016, 338, 339, 433, adult head, forewing.
Tanida 2016, 88.
Kawase et al. 2017, 29, Honshu (Shiga).
Dipseudopsis stellata McLachlan 1875 (stellatus), 46-47, pl. 2, male, China (Shanghai). Synonymized by Weaver and Malicky (1994).
Tsuda 1939, 211, Honshu (Shiga).
Tsuda 1942a, 266, Honshu (Shiga).
Tsuda 1942b, 63-64, Honshu (Shiga).
Tsuda and Kuwayama 1950, adult.
Akagi 1953, 270-272, larva, Honshu (Shiga).
Kobayashi 1959, 348, Kyushu (Fukuoka).
Fischer 1962, 15-16.
Tsuda and Akagi, 1962, 130-131, larva.
Tsuda 1971, 291-294, adult, larva.
Fischer 1972, 7-8.
Tani 1977, 190, male mouth and hind leg.
Tanida 1985, 174-175, larva.
Gyotoku et al. 1994, 131-132.
Bathytinodes alba Iwata, 1927, 236, pl. 8, larva, Honshu (Shiga). Synonymized by Tsuda (1939).
Iwata 1927, 209-210, pl.4, larva, Honshu (Shiga).
Dipseudosis alba: Tsuda, 1937, 127-128, combination.
Dipseudosis sp.: Nishino and Tanida, 1992, 29, adult, larva, Honshu (Shiga).
Type locality. China (Hong Kong).
Distribution. Japan (Honshu, Kyushu), China, Philippines.
Remarks. Tanida (1998), Tanida et al. (1999) and Morse et al. (2001) treated this species as D. alba. Tanida (2005) suggested the necessity of a comparative study of Japanese and continental specimens.

Subfamily Hyalopsychinae Lestage

Two genera, Hyalopsyche and Phylocentropus, are known from Japan.

Genus Hyalopsyche Ulmer

One species, Hyalopsyche sachalinica Martynov, is known from Japan.

Hyalopsyche sachalinica Martynov, 1910

Hyalopsyche sachalinica Martynov, 1910, 397-402, male, Sakhalin.
Tanida 1997a, 109, 115, Honshu (Shiga).
Tanida et al. 1999, 392, 408, Honshu (Shiga).
Tanida 2016, 88.
Hyalopsyche amurensis Martynov 1934, 245-247, male, Amur. Synonymized by Arefina et al. (1996).
Type locality. Sakhalin.
Distribution. Japan (Honshu), Sakhalin, Russian Far East.
Remarks. Tanida (1997a) recorded this species from Lake Biwa without precise data, and Tanida et al. (1999) showed only localities in the south basin of Lake Biwa in their figure.

Genus Phylocentropus Banks

One species, Phylocentropus sigae Tsuda, is known from Japan.

Phylocentropus shigae Tsuda, 1942

Phylocentropus shigae Tsuda, 1942a, 259-260, male, Honshu (Shiga).
Katsuma 2005, 4, Honshu (Ibaraki).
Kawase and Morita 2010, 40, Honshu (Shiga).
Nozaki 2016, 339, 434, wing venation.
Nozaki et al. 2016, 324-327, male, female. Honshu (Aomori, Ibaraki, Niigata, Shiga).
Tanida 2016, 88.
Ito 2017, 4, Honshu (Fukui).
Type locality. Japan (Honshu).
Distribution. Japan (Honshu).

Subfamily Pseudoneureclipsinae Ulmer

Only the genus Pseudoneureclipsis Ulmer belongs to this subfamily.

Genus Pseudoneureclipsis Ulmer

One species, Pseudoneureclipsis ussuriensis Martynov, is known from Japan. Morita (1996) recorded an unidentified species belonging to this genus from central Honshu, and provided illustrations of the male genitalia. Nozaki and Nakamura (2002) recognized two species including Morita's species from western Honshu. On the other hand, Tanida (1997b) recorded an unidentified species from Okinawa-jima. It need to study their specific status.

Pseudoneureclipsis ussuriensis Martynov 1934

Pseudoneureclipsis ussuriensis Martynov 1934, 182-183, male, Russia (Ussuri).
Saito et al. 2017, 183, Honshu (Chiba).
Type locality. Russia (Ussuri).
Distribution. Japan (Honshu).


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