A catalogue of Japanese Trichoptera
Family Helicopsychidae Mosely

Author: Takao NOZAKI
E-mail: takao.nozaki[AT]nifty.com
Last update: 29 Dec. 2017

Genus Helicopsyche Siebold

Only one named species Helicopsyche yamadai Iwata described based on the larval stage is known from Japan. Although it is necessary to confirm whether all specimens recorded from Honshu belong to a single species (Tanida 2005), unidentified adults recorded from Honshu is tentatively listed under the name of Helicopsyche yamadai. Shimura (2015) recorded larvae belonging to this genus from Fukue-jima.

Helicopsyche yamadai Iwata 1927

Helicopsyche yamadai Iwata 1927a, 263-264, 271, pl. 11, larva, Honshu (Shiga, Kyoto).
Iwata 1927b, 216, pl. 7, larva, Honshu (Shiga, Kyoto).
Tsuda 1951, 70, larva, case, Honshu
Chihara 1955, 10-11, pupa, case, Honshu (Hyogo).
Tsuda 1959, 153, larva, case.
Tsuda and Akagi 1962, 142, 147, pupa, case.
Fischer 1970, 306.
Tanida 1985, 204, 205, 212, case.
Nozaki 2001, larva, case, 15-16, Honshu (Kanagawa).
Nozaki 2005, 105, 113, larva, case, adult.
Tanida 2005, 560, larva, case.
Nishio 2006, 43-44, larva, case, adult, adult emergence behavior, Honshu (Niigata).
Hayashi 2008, 290, case, Honshu (Shimane)
Morita 2009, 141, Honshu (Mie).
Inazu and Nishida 2011, 212, case, Honshu (Hyogo).
Enju et al. 2013, 90, case.
Nishimoto 2014, 60, larva, Honshu (Aichi).
Nozaki 2016, 87, 410, 442, 451, male, Honshu (Kanagawa).
Tanida 2016, 138.
Nojima 2017, 127, Honshu (Okayama).
Tsuruda 2017, 85-93, adult, larva, case, life history, Honshu (Tokyo).
Helicopsyche sp.: Morita 1999, 82, male, Honshu (Mie).
Maruyama and Takai 2000, 133, 135, larva, case.
Morita 2003, 26, Honshu (Mie).
Morita 2008, 92-93, Honshu (Mie).
Katsuma 2009, 35-36, male, Honshu (Ibaraki).
Katsuma 2011, 50, Honshu (Ibaraki).
Nishimoto and Nishimoto 2014, 67, adult, Honshu (Aichi).
Type locality. Honshu (Shiga, Kyoto).
Distribution. Japan (Honshu).
Remarks. Hamada (1973) summarised larval records of this species including Kyushu and Sado. Tsuchiya et al. (2010) listed larval records of this species in Gunma Prefecture.

Helicopsyche sp.

Helicopsyche sp.: Tanida 1997, 372, 375, larva, case, Okinawa-jima.
Tanida 2003, 375, larva, case, Okinawa-jima.
Tanida 2005, 560, case, Ishigaki-jima.
Remarks. Tanida (2005) suggested that a species distributed in Ryukyu Islands is probably different from H. yamadai without examination of adults. Shimura (2010) recorded adults of an unidentified species from Yonaguni-jima, westernmost Japan.


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