A catalogue of Japanese Trichoptera
Family Pseudoneureclipsidae Ulmer

Author: Takao NOZAKI* and Shu Inaba
*: Correspondence. E-mail: takao.nozaki[AT]nifty.com
Last updated: 22 Feb. 2022

Only the genus Pseudoneureclipsis Ulmer belongs to this subfamily.

Genus Pseudoneureclipsis Ulmer

One species, Pseudoneureclipsis ussuriensis Martynov, is known from Japan. Morita (1996) recorded an unidentified species belonging to this genus from central Honshu, and provided illustrations of the male genitalia. Nozaki and Nakamura (2002) recognized two species including Morita's species from western Honshu. On the other hand, Tanida (1997, 2018) recorded an unidentified species from Okinawa-jima. It need to study their specific status.

Pseudoneureclipsis ussuriensis Martynov 1934

Pseudoneureclipsis ussuriensis Martynov 1934, 182-183, male, Russia (Ussuri).
Saito et al. 2017, 183, Honshu (Chiba).
Morita 2020, 81, Honshu (Mie).
Type locality. Russia (Ussuri).
Distribution. Japan (Honshu).


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