A catalogue of Japanese Trichoptera
Family Sericostomatidae Stephens

Author: Takao NOZAKI
E-mail: takao.nozaki[AT]nifty.com
Last updated: 4 Dec. 2016

Subfamily Sericostomatinae Stephens

Only the genus Gumaga is known from Japan. Tsuda (1942a) recorded two unnamed sericostomatin species from Okinawa, and provided figures of the pupal case or the larva and case.

Genus Gumaga Tsuda

Tsuda (1938) described this genus based on a single species, G. okinawaensis, from Okinawa, and G. okinawaensis has been widely recorded from Honshu and Kyushu. However, Kumanski (1991) synonymized N. cahoi with G. okinawaensis, and Malicky (1995) did it with G. orientalis. Malicky (2013, 2014) also proposed the synonymy of G. okinawaensis with G. orientalis. On th other hand, Tanida (1997) suggested that materials from Honshu and other major islands belong to a distinct species or a subspecies of G. okinawaensis. Nozaki and Tanida (2007) recognized that records of G. okinawaensis from Honshu were misidentifications of G. orientalis, but suspended the decision of the specific status of G. okinawaensis.
In this list, records of this genus from Japanese major islands or Okinawa islands are tentatively listed under the names of G. orientalis or G. okinawaensis, respectively. It is necessary to clarify the specific status of G. okinawaensis.

Gumaga okinawaensis Tsuda 1938

Gumaga okinawaensis Tsuda 1938, 100-101, male, Okinawa.
Fischer 1970, 275.
Tanida 1985, 203, 205, larva, case.
Tanida 1997, 449, Okinawa.
Tanida 2005, 558, larva, case, male.
Tanida 2016, 138.
Gumaga sp.: Tanida 2003, 376, 379, larva, case. Illustrations of the larval stage was treated as that of G. okinawaensis by Tanida (2005).
Type locality. Okinawa, Japan.
Distribution. Okinawa.

Gumaga orientalis (Martynov 1935)

Oecismus (?) orientalis Martynov 1935, 363-364, female, Russia.
Gumaga okinawaensis: Tsuda 1942a, 333, Honshu (Nagano, Shiga, Kyoto).
Tsuda 1942b, 263-265, Honshu (Kyoto).
Tsuda 1942c, 63-66, Honshu (Shiga).
Tsuda 1943, 166-168, Honshu (Kyoto).
Tsuda and Tatsumi 1951, 30, Honshu (Niigata).
Mori and Matutani 1953, 30-34, swarming, Honshu (Shiga).
Akagi 1957, 61-62, larva, case, Honshu (Kyoto, Nara).
Kobayashi 1959, 354, Kyushu (Fukuoka).
Tsuda 1959, 152, larva, case.
Tsuda and Akagi 1962, 142, larva, case.
Kobayashi 1987, 26, Honshu (Shimane).
Nozaki 1987, 43, Honshu (Kanagawa).
Morita 1989, 41, Honshu (Mie).
Schmid 1990, 246-247, male, Honshu (Yamanashi?).
Tanida 1990, 57, Honshu (Hyogo).
Tanida 1991, 35, Honshu (Nara). Tanida et al. (1995) treated as Gumaga sp.
Hatta and Nozaki 1991, 204, 209, adult, Honshu (Gifu).
Moriya 1992, 46, Honshu (Kanagawa).
Nishino and Tanida 1992, 41, adult, larva, case, Honshu (Shiga).
Hori et al. 1993, 375, 385, 389, larva, Honshu (Aichi).
Morita 1993, 8, Honshu (Mie).
Nishimoto and Nishimoto 1993, 87-88, 90, Honshu (Aichi).
Uenishi et al. 1993, 57, Kyushu (Fukuoka).
Malicky 1995, 872-873, 883, synonymy, male head.
Moriya 1997, 70, Honshu (Kanagwa, Yamanashi).
Nozaki and Nakamura 2002, 179, Honshu (Hiroshima).
Nakamura et al. 2003, 155, Honshu (Hiroshima).
Nakamura and Umemori 2003, 60, Honshu (Hiroshima).
Nozaki 2004, 1238, Honshu (Kanagawa).
Nozaki 2005, 113, adult, larva.
Kameyama et al. 2006, 96, Honshu (Hiroshima).
Kameyama and Nakamura 2006, 190, Honshu (Tottori).
Notidobia chaoi Hwang, 1957, 397, male, China. Synonymized by Malicky (1995).
Oecismus orientalis: Fischer 1970, 261.
Gumaga orientalis: Levanidova 1982, 166, new combination.
Arefina 1997, 148-149, male.
Park and Bae 1998, 366-367, male.
Mey and Nozaki, 2006, 25, Honshu (Nagano, Gifu, Shiga).
Nozaki and Tanida, 2007, 253, Honshu (Kanagawa, Shizuoka, Shimane).
Inazu 2008, 85, 96, 104, Honshu (Hyogo).
Kawase & Hayashi 2010, 81, Honshu (Shimane).
Kawase and Morita 2010, 47, Honshu (Shiga).
Mano 2010, 22-23, Honshu (Aichi).
Nozaki 2010, 217, Honshu (Kanagawa).
Inazu and Nishida 2011, 211, male, larva, case, Honshu (Hyogo).
Katsuma 2011, 68, Honshu (Ibaraki).
Morita 2011, 218, Honshu (Mie).
Katsuma 2012, 68, Honshu (Ibaraki).
Morita and Kawase 2012, 15, Honshu (Ishikawa).
Moriya and Kubota 2012, 137, Honshu (Kanagawa).
Inazu 2012, 11, Honshu (Hyogo).
Kawase and Hayashi 2012, 257-258, Honshu (Shimane).
Inazu 2013, 77, Honshu (Hyogo).
Morita 2013, 64, Honshu (Mie).
Kawase and Morita 2014, Honshu (Shiga).
Nishimoto and Nishimoto 2014, 67, Honshu (Aichi).
Nozaki 2016, 87, 305, 409, 442, 451, male, Shikoku (Kochi).
Tanida 2016, 138.
Uchifune 2016, 200-201, adult, Honshu (Kanagawa).
Gumaga amudita Schmid 1990, 246-248, male, India. Synonymized by Malicky (1995).
Gumaga sp.: Nishiharu 1997, 38 Honshu (Fukui).
Nakano and Tanida 1999, 277, Honshu (Nara).
Tanida et al. 1999, 396-397.
Maruyama and Takai 2000, 132-134, larva, case, Shikoku (Kochi).
Kawase and Morita 2001, 9, Honshu (Ishikawa).
Morita 2001a, 222, Honshu (Mie).
Morita 2001b, 164, Honshu (Mie).
Nishimoto and Morita 2001, 73, 77, adult, Honshu (Aichi).
Kawase et al. 2004, 116, Honshu (Ibaraki).
Uenishi and Yoshitaka 2004, 19, Honshu (Okayama).
Katsuma 2005a, 9, Honshu (Ibaraki).
Katsuma 2005b, 15, Honshu (Tochigi, Gumma).
Nozaki and Nakamura 2005, 228, Honshu (Shimane).
Katsuma 2006, 38, 41, Honshu (Ibaraki).
Nakamura et al. 2006, 103, Honshu (Hiroshima).
Katsuma 2007, 18, Honshu (Ibaraki).
Kimura et al. 2007, 167, Honshu (Nagano).
Nakamura and Tsujimura 2007, 79, Honshu (Hiroshima).
Nozaki and Nakamura 2007, 100, Honshu (Hiroshima).
Morita 2008a, 724, Honshu (Mie).
Morita 2008b, 18, Honshu (Mie).
Kawase and Morita 2010, 9, Honshu (Ishikawa).
Morita 2012, 252, Honshu (Mie).
Type locality. South Ussuri, Russia.
Distribution. Japan (Honshu, Shikoku, Kyushu), Russia (Far East), China, Korea, Taiwan, India.
Remarks. Shimura (2015) recorded this species from Fukue-jima based on identification of the larval stage.


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