A catalogue of Japanese Trichoptera
Family Limnocentropodidae Tsuda

Author: Takao NOZAKI
E-mail: takao.nozaki[AT]nifty.com
Last update: 29 Dec. 2017

Genus Limnocentropus Ulmer

Only a single species, Limnocentropus insolitus Ulmer 1907 is known from Japan.

Limnocentropus insolitus Ulmer 1907

Limnocentropus insolitus Ulmer 1907a, 13-14, female, Japan.
Ulmer 1907b, 2, male, Honshu (Tochigi).
Mosely 1935, 131-132, pls. 10-11, male.
Tsuda 1943, 163, Honshu (Kyoto).
Tsuda 1937, 67, Honshu (Nagano).
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Tsuda 1951, 60, larva, case.
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Tsuda 1959, 145, larva, case.
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Kuwada 1965, 165, pl. 83, adult, Shikoku (Ehime).
Sato 1969, pl. 18, larva, Honshu (Hiroshima: based on larva).
Wiggins 1969, 25, female, larva, pupa, Honshu (Tochigi).
Fischer 1972, 32.
Tani 1977, 189, 193, 204, pl. 44, adult, Honshu (Nagano).
Tani 1978, 21, male, Honshu (Niigata).
Tanida 1985, 189, 190, larva, case.
Nakase 1991, 70-74, larva, case, life cycle, food, behavior, Honshu (Miyagi).
Tanida et al. 1991, 78, adult, pupa, larva, case.
Sugi et al. 1993, 85, Kyushu (Fukuoka: based on larva).
Moriya 1997, 70, Honshu (Yamanashi).
Kagaya et al. 1998, 30, 68, 221, Honshu (Tokyo, Yamanashi).
Nozaki et al. 1999, 348.
Maruyama and Takai 2000, 127-128, larva, case, Honshu (Nara).
Uenishi and Ebisawa 2000, 163, 170, Honshu (Shiga).
Uchida 2002, 78, Honshu (Tochigi).
Nozaki 2005, 503, male, female, larva, case.
Nozaki 2005, 109, adult, larva, case, behavior.
Kameyama and Nakamura 2006, 189, Honshu (Hiroshima).
Morita 2007, 96, Honshu (Mie).
Inazu 2008, 79-80, 93-94, 102, Honshu (Hyogo).
Tanida 2008. 251, pl. 93, adult, Shikoku (Ehime).
Kawase and Morita 2010, 43, Honshu (Shiga).
Inazu and Nishida 2011, 197, male, female, larva, case, Honshu (Hyogo).
Katsuma 2011, 49, Honshu (Ibaraki).
Inazu 2012, 9, Honshu (Hyogo).
Katsuma 2012, 65, Honshu (Ibaraki).
Morita and Kawase 2012, 15, Honshu (Ishikawa).
Inazu 2013, 74, Honshu (Hyogo).
Morita and Kawase 2014, 6, Honshu (Hyogo).
Nozaki 2016, 83, 301, 440, 451, adult, Honshu (Okayama).
Tanida 2016, 104.
Kawase et al. 2017, 33, Honshu (Shiga).
Tanaka 2017, 26, 28, male, Honshu (Akita).
Nojima 2017, 127, Honshu (Okayama).
Kitagamia montana Iwata 1927a, 260, pl. 10, larva, case, Honshu (Kyoto). Synonymized by Tsuda (1937).
Iwata 1927b, 215-216, pl. 6, larva, case, Honshu (Kyoto).
Tsuda 1936, 395-397, male, female, larva, case, Honshu (Nagano, Kyoto).
Type locality. Japan (precise locality unknown).
Distribution. Japan (Honshu, Shikoku, Kyushu (based on larva)), China (Guang-dong), India.
Remarks. Larvae of this species were recorded from Kyushu, but adults have not yet been recorded.


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