A Catalogue of Japanese Trichoptera

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   Trichoptera families in Japan

1. Rhyacophilidae Stephens (Under construction)
2. Hydrobiosidae Ulmer (by T. Nozaki)
3. Hydroptilidae Stephens (by T. Ito)
4. Ptilocolepidae Martynov (by T. Ito)
5. Glossosomatidae Wallengren (by N. Kuhara)
6. Stenopsychidae Martynov (by T. Nozaki)
7. Philopotamidae Stephens (by N. Kuhara)
8. Psychomyiidae Walker (by T. Torii)
9. Xiphocentronidae Ross (by T. Torii)
10. Dipseudopsidae Ulmer (by T. Nozaki & S. Inaba*)
11. Ecnomidae Ulmer (by N. Kuhara)
12. Polycentropodidae Ulmer (by T. Ito, A. Ohkawa & S. Inaba*)
13. Hydropsychidae Curtis (by T. Nozaki)
14. Phryganopsychidae Wiggins (by T. Nozaki)
15. Phryganeidae Leach (by T. Nozaki)
16. Brachycentridae Ulmer (by T. Nozaki)
17. Lepidostomatidae Ulmer (by T. Ito)
18. Limnephilidae Kolenati  (by T. Nozaki)
19. Apataniidae Wallengren (by T. Nozaki)
20. Uenoidae Iwata (by T. Nozaki)
21. Goeridae Ulmer (by T. Nozaki)
22. Limnocentropodidae Tsuda (by T. Nozaki)
23. Leptoceridae Leach (by N. Katsuma)
24. Molannidae Wallengren (by T. Ito)
25. Calamoceratidae Ulmer (by T. Nozaki)
26. Odontoceridae Wallengren (by N. Kawase & T. Nozaki*)
27. Sericostomatidae Stephens (by T. Nozaki)
28. Helicopsychidae Ulmer (by T. Nozaki)
29. Beraeidae Wallengren (by T. Nozaki)